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Prayer ritual

Medicine Buddha Prayer Ritual

Short Medicine-Buddha-Meditation:

  You can also download the traditional versions of the Medicine Buddha prayer ritual at the bottom of the page.
A Stream of Lapis Lazuli

Notes: There is no Medicine Buddha empowerment necessary, in order to perform this practice.


ca. 3 min. concentration, calming down and watching the breath with a gently inner attitude.


In the space in front of me the Medicine-Buddha is sitting on a lotus flower and a moon disk. He is lapis-lazuli-transparent color, and from his body blue light is radiating. His right hand rests on his right knee taking the gesture of the highest realization. Between thumb and index finger he holds a branch of the arura plant. His left hand forms the gesture of concentration and hold a lapis lazuli bowl filled with precious medicine nectar. He embodies the healing power of body, speech and mind as well as all other Buddha qualities.

Refuge and Bodhicitta:

With all my heart, I take refuge to Buddha, his teachings and to the Buddhist community of the noble beings. I vow to strive for enlightenment not only for me, but to help all sentient beings. Therefore, I will practice as often as I can the six helpful and wholesome activities: In generosity, the mindful treatment of others, and myself in patience, rejoicing actions, in meditation and in discriminative awareness.

Invocation of the Medicine Buddha:

O, Medicine-Buddha, your sky-colored holy body shows all-embracing wisdom and unlimited compassion. I’m asking for your blessings. I’m asking you from my heart to help me overcoming my disease. Bestow your healing energy. Please, purify my body, my speech and my mind from all negativities.


Recite as often as possible.


By the virtue of my prayer, blue light radiates from the body of the Medicine-Buddha. They are passing into all my body regions and entirely fulfilling me with clear, healing light. My body, my speech and my mind are being purified. More rays of light emanate from the body of the Medicine-Buddha and also purifies all other sentient beings. This fulfills me with great joy.


May my meditation contribute to diminish the suffering and to increase happiness of this world.

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