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"So with an unhesitant mind, one should give where the gift bears great fruit."
(Buddha Shakyamuni)

Dana is a Pali word that means generosity or giving freely, and has played a fundamental role throughout Buddhism's 2,500-year-old history. The practice of giving develops lovingkindness and compassion, deepens awareness of your interconnectedness and encourages non-attachment. Giving is said to benefit both giver and the receiver - the giver practices sharing and letting go, and the recepient practices acceptance of what is presented.

We are asking for your financial support

To continue the construction of the planed Medical School, Karma Woesel Doe-joe Ling urgently need additional support.
The project is of immense importance to ensure the education of young qualified Tibetan doctors. The Karma Woesel Doe-joe Ling Medical School aims to be the third medical school of this kind in the Asian Tibetan world. The two other institutes of medical education, the Men-Tsee-Khang Lhasa and the New Men-Tsee-Khang medical institute in Dharamsala, are thousands of miles away. Furthermore, and H.E. Paltul Rinpoche intends to keep his own unbroken healing lineage alive by training as many new Tibetan healers as possible to help enhancing the general health of the local population of the Nangchen Par-Ka area and Eastern Tibet as a whole.

Every little donation is highly welcomed to purchase interiors as well as education material.

Further information on the subject will be displayed here soon. For the time being, please feel free to get in touch with H.E. Paltul Rinpoche to receive more information on how to contribute to this outstanding project.
Your generosity is greatly appreciated.

Please donate via bank transfer:

Karma Woesel Doe-joe Ling
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Or personally deliver your donation in cash or in cheque to Ven. Paltul Rinpoche. His blessings and gratefulness are guaranteed.